XML GuestBook




  • XML based database. No MYSQL or any other kind of database required.
  • BBcode in comments with loads of features.
  • Badword’s filter.
  • Avatar from Gravatar based on email.
  • Smileys and captcha protection.
  • Admin module to edit and delete comments.
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap framework for theme.
  • Much more in the package and more to be updated.

Click here to purchase the guestbook for $10

Thanks to the JQuery project and impromptu plugin.

Please note that admin page is fully functional in demo so please do not delete or edit the comments posted by me. You can add and then edit or delete your own comments.

Demo for Non Ajax PHP based.
Guest Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/guestbook/index.php
Admin Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/guestbook/admin/

Demo for Ajax based.
Guest Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/ajaxguestbook/index.php
Admin Link -> http://www.aiglemedia.com/php/ajaxguestbook/admin.php

Login details for administrator
userid : admin
password : admin

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Toplist May 12, 2016 at 2:07 AM

XML GuestBook is very good. Thanx for everything


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