AS3 Fireworks


AS3 Fireworks

  • Supports fireworks with background.
  • Custom colors in fireworks.
  • Customize number of particles and explosion size within actionscript.
  • Fading text effect with HTML and Embeded font support.
  • Ease of changing the data in fading text with XML file support.
  • Much more in the package and more to be updated.
Note 1: The size of the swf will depend on the image size and quality and the size of the embeded font.

Note 2: The background image for the fireworks is within the layer and is not loaded with actionscript. You can import an image in the library and use it as background by adding it to the stage.

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Rain Man June 5, 2016 at 11:06 PM

I love this AS3 fireworks… can i still download them from anywhere? I tried your links but seems dead.
Thank you!


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